B2B: AI for Developer Productivity


Elevate the capability of your engineers with our new advanced AI training. Harness the power of artificial intelligence using agents and multi-agent systems.

Course overview

What your team will get out of this course

  • video

    Automate documentation updates with agents

  • idea

    Use AI for coding suggestions with open source LLMs

  • robot arm

    Master agent-led code reviews and quality checks

  • robot arm

    Gain advanced debugging skills with agents

  • robot arm

    Generate usable code by instructing agents

How the course is structured

  • The course has 5 sprints, each two weeks long.
  • In every sprint, there's live instruction on Zoom and a guided project.
  • You'll build a fully-functional agent in each sprint.

A week in the life

Designed for busy professionals, our course includes two live 1-hour classes per week with an optional office hours every week.

Weekly Schedule

  • 2 Live Classes: 1-1.5 hrs each
  • Office Hours: 1-1.5 hours (optional)
  • Outside Class: 2-3 hours on projects (recommended)

This course includes

  • video

    Interactive live lessons online

  • idea

    Guided feedback and reflection

  • robot arm

    5 AI projects to apply learnings

  • teacher

    Direct access to an instructor

  • community

    Private community of peers

  • grad

    Certificate upon completion

What your team will learn

Tracing and LLM Essentails

OpenAI ◦ Ollama ◦ LangSmith ◦ LangFuse

  • LangSmith: Tracing outputs and annotating data.
  • Choosing the right LLM: Guide to selecting suitable LLMs.
  • Prompt engineering: Strategies for effective prompt design.

Retrieval-Augmented Generation

LangChain ◦ Pinecone ◦ Chroma ◦ Nomic

  • Fundamental chaining: Basic chaining techniques and strategies.
  • Vector embeddings: Enhancing AI with vector embeddings.
  • RAG: Combining retrieval with generative models.

Designing and Building Agents

LangGraph ◦ OpenAI ◦ Docker

  • Agent Strategy: How to design and build agents
  • Agents vs. Chains vs. Graphs: Which tool for each specific tash
  • Agent-Supervisor: Complex frameworks for building agents

Deploying Agents

LangServe ◦ Docker ◦ OpenAI  

  • Building performative AI apps: Creating production AI apps
  • Connecting to workflows: Integrating AI with company workflows
  • Advanced chaining: Complex chaining techniques for scalability


HuggingFace ◦ PEFT ◦ QLoRA ◦ OpenAI

  • How to fine-tune OpenAI: Considerations and strategy
  • Advanced techniques: PeFT, LoRA, and QLoRA
  • Testing strategy: Fine-tuning base models on HuggingFace

Multi-Agent Systems

LangGraph ◦ CrewAI

  • Multi-Agent Systems: Solving problems with multi-agent systems.
  • Agent decision making: Decision making with LangGraph.
  • Designing solutions: Considerations for building prototypes.


LangGraph ◦ Ollama ◦ OpenAI ◦ LangChain

  • Complex prototype: Implement solution inside your business ecosystem
  • Expert guidance: Staff designs and builds your idea with you
  • Viable projects ready for iteration: Build your idea with our team

Build agents in every project

What are AI agents

  • Intelligent software programs designed to perform tasks autonomously.
  • They make decisions and execute actions with minimal intervention.
  • Agents continually adapt and learn to optimize their performance.

Tech Writer

technical writer



QA Tester




Who is this course for


Software engineers and developers


Engineering leaders and managers


Data scientists and ML engineers

Why build agents over using generic tools

There's an AI gold rush unfolding, and it's essential for every business to develop custom solutions to stay ahead.

Where you are

  • Generating code with GitHub copilot
  • Creating simple OpenAI API wrappers
  • Processing documents with ChatGPT
  • Building prompt libraries

What we'll teach you

  • Developing code review agents
  • Automating technical doc updates
  • Implementing accurate code generation
  • Building multi-agent systems

Unlike generic off-the-shelf tools, custom AI solutions are tailored to your unique needs, giving you full ownership.

Custom AI apps are

  • ✅ Tailored to your specific needs

  • ✅ Made to seamlessly integrate in your ecosystem

  • ✅ Designed to give you a competitive advantage

  • ✅ Built with scalability and flexibility in mind

  • ✅ Cost-effective compared to generic solutions

  • ✅ Meant to give you full ownership and control

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What programming languages will be used in the course?
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How will this course benefit my organization?
Will I receive a certificate upon completing the course?
What support will be available during the course?
Given the rapid advancements in AI technology, how does the course ensure that the tools and techniques taught remain relevant?

AI for Developer Productivity

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